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Best Software Create Cool Apps By Amber Jalink Review – Super Tool That Show You How To Create Your Own Apps With Get Access To The TRUE App Creation System In Just Click & Fill In 3 Simple Steps

Create Cool Apps By Amber Jalink Review – Super Tool That Show You How To Create Your Own Apps With Get Access To The TRUE App Creation System In Just Click & Fill In 3 Simple Steps


Create Cool Apps designed by Amber Jalink. Create Cool Apps is a super tool that show you how to create your own apps with get access to the TRUE app creation system in just click and fill in 3 simple steps. Here’s what you do now in 3 simple steps, order your account access level and complete your payment, return to the site for account activation, log in and start building your apps!

Create Cool Apps is completely AFFORDABLE for almost any budget, FAST support (usually same day if during regular business hours, Monday to Friday), FAST app approvals (learn secret strategy for getting them done quickly), more templates than others (currently 63 but always adding more), private forum for members to help each other (get staff support that’s not urgent), promote your apps to other members when live in our special app announcements area, unlimited apps for one low price according to which level you choose, additional promotional bonuses included.

Create Cool Apps

Create Cool Apps

Here’s features of Create Cool Apps:

  1. Sync. Add the new content for your live app and we will send your updates through the cloud to every single device that has your app.
  2. In-App Purchase. Offer digital content such as virtual currency, expansion packs, upgrades and more for purchase within your apps.
  3. Push Notifications. Pop-up messages from website to all of your users’ devices.
  4. RSS Feed Reader. Converts your RSS feed into an easy to use mobile page. Each item links to a new page with full story.
  5. App Share. Help your customers spread the word about your app via Facebook or email.
  6. PDF Editor. Have an unique app on the app store and Google Play with multimedia PDF in it. Embed video and audio content in your PDF files and give your magazines or books a new life.
  7. Login Page. Reserve access to particular pages for dedicated accounts.
  8. Image Overlays. Take a picture with camera and overlay it with funny images. Drag, move, zoom and rotate then post on Facebook or email.
  9. Search Application Content. All application content is indexed. Searching by keywords will display a list of pages that contain the keyword you are looking for.
  10. GPS and Directions. Displays a location on an interactive map. Show current location and directions to the desired destination.
  11. Image Mosaic. Create image thumbnails and view images full screen with ability to slide and rotate.
  12. Your Blog In Your App. Include your mobile web page in your app. The page will load from your server.
  13. Button Style Menu. Configurable buttons, change button style, color, icon and right side arrow images.
  14. Near Me Location. Displays a list of locations descending sorted by distance to your current locations.
  15. Menu Items. Menu items with a left side image, long description text and right side arrow. Each item is linked to a separate page.
  16. Wheel Navigation. An interactive wheel style menu with 8 slots. Each slot opens a separate page. Wheel image and click sound can be customized.
  17. Calculator Page. Easily implement your most complex formula to display a result based on user’s input.
  18. Dictionary. A native list with multiple organization options and actions.
  19. Webkit Menu. A classic rounded corners list of menu items with icons.
  20. Feedback Form. A configurable native form to send data like GPS location, date, time, photo, photo taken with camera and custom input.

Create Cool Apps that designed by Amber Jalink will help any person with the basic knowledge of app creation, to create FULL FLEDGE mobile app business! You’ll get benefits from Create Cool Apps with NO per app monthly fees, NO setup fees, NO ads on your apps, NO fees if you surpass a certain number of downloads, NO revenue share.

With Create Cool Apps, you can create info apps for fun and knowledge, game apps for fun or learning, apps for local business, apps for YOUR business, social network app to be connected with friends, shopping or affiliate app, directory app, greeting card app.

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Create Cool Apps By Amber Jalink Review – Super Tool That Show You How To Create Your Own Apps With Get Access To The TRUE App Creation System


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